Social Media Savvy: Tier 2 Intermediate

Social Media Savvy: Tier 2 Intermediate

Alchemy Digital Training are delivering this workshop in association with Women in Business. 

We make 3.5 billion searches each day which is no wonder, when we take into account that there are 647 million internet users in Europe alone. 42 million of us use social media here in the UK, so harnessing the opportunities from digital marketing is an important opportunity for your business.

As one of the most cost-effective advertising options available in today’s competitive landscape, social media advertising enables businesses to reach new consumers, boost social media engagement and get relevant and targeted leads to your website or sales platforms. If you are currently using social media and want to learn more about reaching new customers through social media advertising, then this workshop is for you.

This workshop will include:

  • Advanced overview of social media marketing
  • Develop a structured social marketing strategy
  • Defining business goals and creating targeted content
  • In-depth demonstration of advertising all social platforms including set up of new advertising campaigns
  • Understanding how to create targeted ad copy
  • Learning how to optimise paid ads using advanced targeting across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest

Following this programme you will:

  • Have an advanced knowledge about social media marketing including defining business goals and targeted content creation
  • Be able to set up targeted advertising across all social media platforms
  • Understand the importance of optimising advertising using advanced targeting for each channel
Who is it for? 
  • Bloggers
  • Business Owners
  • Marketing Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Brand Managers 
This course is pitched at Intermediate level, and it will be expected that you will have a working knowledge of common social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.


Time: 10:00 – 16:00

Charge: Members: £65 +vat | Non members: £80 +vat

Next Workshop Dates:
28th January 2020 

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  • Our trainers have experience of implementing what they teach, not just using textbook examples,

  • Practical, hands on training where delegates get involved and start ‘doing’ in the course,

  • Post-training support and mentoring available 

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