Google Analytics: Intermediate

Google Analytics: Intermediate

Google Analytics is amazing, true? But do you find it easy to use? We hear from lots of digital marketers that analytics is great, BUT sometimes it can be data overload and it can become difficult to know where to prioritise your time. This course is designed for people who have basic experience and knowledge of Google Analytics and want to take their data analysis skills to the next level.

Our Google Certified Power User instructor, Kathryn Pyper, has 13 years of experience using Google Analytics and will show you hands on how to get the best use of your data. During her 3 hour workshop Kathryn focus on the How to as well as the Why to use Google Analytics. You will learn about:

  • Creating a metric model for your business.
  • Using dimensions and metrics to add insight to your data.
  • Advanced segmentation, going beyond default reporting.
  • Understanding conversion, multichannel funnels and attribution.
  • Customising and automating reporting using Google Data Studio.

This course is not for the faint hearted, you will need to have a good understanding of Google Analytics before joining and it is advised that you have completed a basic training course first.

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£95 for 1/2 day training

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